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@revoltinc #clothing

@revoltinc #clothing

On December 3rd 2012, Mercury , Venus and Saturn will align in the northeast over the pyramids in Giza. This particular alignment over the spacing of the pyramids is very rare. This won’t happen again for another 2,000 years. 

Most astronomers will probably say this event is just a coincidence, but given the evidence of ancient Egypt’s impact in history, I keep an open mind. This could be a phenomena lost with an ancient civilization that seemed to have known a few things about the universe that we have yet to understand… 


I’m not saying that it’s aliens, but it’s definitely aliens.

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Bury Your Dead

—Closed Eyes

now all the saints are dancing with the demons tonight.


são paulo chaos (Publicado com o Instagram)

são paulo chaos (Publicado com o Instagram)